IMG_011 - W2

Jak and Morgan in discussion

IMG_012 - W2

On the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

IMG_013 - W2

Ceara, Liam and Didds

IMG_014 - W2

Behind-the-scenes work

IMG_015 - W2

Working out the blocking

IMG_016 - W2

He loves the office chair!

IMG_017 - W2

Marching in unison

IMG_018 - W2

All fun and games!

IMG_019 - W2

One for the album…

IMG_020 - W2

Ah you’re leaving home!

IMG_021 - W2

Lucky sod…

IMG_022 - W2

A lot of rehearsing going on here…

IMG_023 - W2

No-one really seems to care…

IMG_024 - W2

Still loads of rehearsing going on…

IMG_025 - W2


IMG_026 - W2

City of the damned…

IMG_027 - W2

Oh hai Didds.

IMG_028 - W2

Grayscale makes this one.

IMG_029 - W2

The three leads from L to R – Josh (as Will), Charlie (as Johnny) and Jak (as Tunny)


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