Hey guys!


Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, I’ve just had so much going on – and that means so much to update you all on!


Firstly, my band Centurion have been gigging all over the place – yes, including outside Nottingham for the first time, at the Vic Biker’s Inn in Coalville. We really need to ask you all a favour, too. Coming once again this year is Macmillan Fest. Last year, we entered a vote to compete at a Battle Of The Bands, in which the winners would play the festival, and we actually made it to the Battle Of The Bands last time out (including finishing third as a metal band among indie bands at our heat!). This year, we’re in the vote once again, and we need everyone’s help! Simply following this link here and click on our name, CENTURION, in the poll! Thanks everyone – let’s kick cancer in the ass!


Secondly, I’m about to restart attending rehearsals for American Idiot – as I’ve had a few weeks off due to other commitments. So the photo diary should be up and running again pretty damn soon!


Thirdly, I’m back off to Donington Park this weekend to watch the World Superbike racing event. I was there a couple of months ago for the British series and got some cracking shots with my camera – which’ll be posted in a blog update later today – but this weekend’s event is going to be a very sombre occasion. That’s because, at the age of 35, a competitor in the series, and ex-MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden, has tragically died after being struck by a car. So I’ll be bringing a flag with his lucky #69 to commemorate such a wonderful and well-loved man who always gave 110% and had all the time in the world for his fans.


Fourthly, I would like to readdress the topic of mental health that I posted a few weeks back after the tragic death of Chris Cornell. Chris was a huge inspiration in both mine and many of my friend’s songwriting and suicide is such a horrible way to go. He leaves behind a wife and children because he couldn’t see any other way out – at least, that’s based on the information we have so far. So please, if you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues and/or are thinking of suicide or any form of self-harm, I URGE you to contact one or more of the links I included in my previous blog post here.


Lastly, I would like to express my condolences to the victims – and the families of victims – of the terrible Manchester attacks that happened on Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert in the Arena. It sucks that we live in a world where one man – one absolute motherf***er – thinks it’s a good idea to target a whole crowd of children and their families because his beliefs are different to theirs. On Tuesday night I played open mic and dedicated a performance of Stop Crying Your Heart Out (by Manchester-based band Oasis) to the victims – to a round of applause, of which I directed towards those caught up in the attack. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not just about remembering the victims, but not allowing mindless attacks like this to disrupt our way of life. We are British, we will not back down. We didn’t during two World Wars, we didn’t in 1966, we didn’t under threat from the IRA, and we sure as hell ain’t going to because some nutjobs – who are a disgrace to humanity and the religion they pretend to be – want to destroy our way of life. Do not stop visiting live music if that’s what you like to do. Remember and honour the victims. Do not stoop to the attacker’s level with more violence, two wrongs do not make a right. Don’t use this as an excuse to target particular peoples such as Muslims – they, for one, hate Daesh just as much as any other religion, probably more so. And if you can, PLEASE show your support by donating to help the victims and their families. A few quid, as much as you can. What’s a few quid but a pint down the pub, when to a family caught up it could mean the little extra help they so desperately need in this hour? You can donate by texting CityUnited to 70800, which will send a fiver over, or to donate a specific amount of money visit the link here.


Anyway, sorry to end my return post on such a sombre note, but after the events over the last few days it really needed to be said. I’ll be posting the images of the bike racing in a blog post later today. Thanks for reading – Bertie x


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